The first step to recycling CBD packaging starts at your local dispensary. Before you even think about throwing your CBD packaging in the recycling bin, consider if you can reuse it first. CBD packaging can be used for a variety of purposes (like storing home-grown flower). Reusing is more energy-conscious than recycling.
livecanna Tinctures: Unfortunately glass is difficult to recycle, because it's much cheaper to make it from scratch. We suggest you first consider if you can reuse the Tincture for any other purpose. If you wish to dispose of it, make sure the glass is NOT broken, as this can hurt machines at waste management plants. You may toss the Tincture in a recycling bin.
livecanna cartridges: These cannot be recycled directly, but we encourage you to reuse them, as they will work with a wide range of oils!
livecanna flower Containers: These are fully plastic and can be tossed in a recycling bin. We encourage you to reuse them for other flower, or to store just about anything you would like.
livecanna lotions: Our lotions are unfortunately one time use but we encourage safe disposal!
livecanna gel capsules: These are plastic and can be reused with any other capsule/pill you may have. We encourage you to toss them in a recycling bin if you wish to dispose of them.
livecanna packaging (cardboard boxes): These can be saved as collectibles because they have unique QR codes that are one of a kind via the blockchain! If you wish to dispose, please toss them in a recycling bin.
For any more questions on how you can recycle any of our products, please contact customer support!

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