How Long Does A 500mg Vape Pen Last?

A vape pen allows a person to inhale nicotine, cannabis, herbs, or vitamins by transforming these substances into vapor for inhalation. Vaporizers heat a combination of some of these substances and chemicals in liquid form via an atomizer. This process originated in the medical industry to aid patients with the inhalation of certain medicines but has recently become a popular part of everyday society. Many people now use vaporizers as a safer way to inhale nicotine, as no tobacco is burned during the vaping process, which is the harmful chemical found in normal cigarettes. There are two main types of vaporizing pen; disposable and battery-powered. Both of these come in a wide range of different shapes and sizes to suit a range of vaporizing needs.


How a Vape Pen Works

There are hundreds of different models of vape pens with a variety of modifications, but at the basis of all these models lies a simple mechanism allowing them to operate correctly. Vape pens heat a liquid (called an e-liquid) via an atomizer and coil or ceramic unit until it becomes a vapor which is then inhaled. These e-liquids can contain a wide range of flavorings and chemicals to provide the user with the desired taste and effect. The user inhales the vaporized chemicals which are absorbed into the bloodstream via the lungs and exhales via the mouth or nose as normal. All types of vape pens heat some form of e-liquid via the battery power through a separate heating mechanic. The battery collects and transmits power to the atomizer, which, in turn, heats the ceramic element or wire coil. Once heated, the e-liquid comes into contact with the coil or ceramic element and is vaporized into an inhalable mist. Some pens use a ‘drip tip’. This method exposes the e-liquid to the heat source in small increments by dripping it onto the coil or ceramic element, while other devices heat larger amounts of the e-liquid. Each vape pen contains some form of mouthpiece, which allows the user to inhale the vapor made through the heating process, and some form of storage section for the e-liquid. More advanced vape pens feature the ability to modify the amount of liquid storable and the amount of battery power, according to the user's requirements. There are three main ways e-liquid can be stored in the variety of available models of vaporizing pens, via cartridge, unrestrained, or disposable. Cartridge devices are known as closed-system devices and come complete with a pre-determined amount of e-liquid. Once empty, the cartridge detaches, is disposed of, and is replaced with a new cartridge. Liquid vape pens have a chamber for unrestrained e-liquids. When empty, e-liquids are refilled directly into the chamber, which is not measured out ahead of time. They will have a maximum amount of allowed liquid but can be topped up at any time. Disposable pens come with a prefilled chamber that is not removable, and the whole device is disposed of when empty.

500mg vape pen


Disposable Vaporizing Pens

A disposable vaporizing pen is a small, non-rechargeable device that is already filled with an e-liquid and holds a charge. As is reflected in the name, disposable vape pens are not rechargeable or refillable, and coils do not need to be maintained and replaced. After the e-liquid runs out, these vape pens are discarded, and a new disposable vape pen can be purchased. These vape pens usually do not come with a button, as other types do, and require the user to simply inhale on the mouthpiece. The battery directly powers a coil that vaporizes the e-liquid when activated by inhaling. This type of vape pen is commonly used by people who are new to vaping and have not decided on a long-term device, or by people who only vape on occasions, as there is no upkeep required to maintain this device. It is a simple method to enjoy vaping and does not require any further input or altering of the factory settings, as it is set perfectly for the contained e-liquid.

How long does a disposable vape pen last? Now, this is a common first question when deciding on which type of vape pen to use. The length a disposable vape pen lasts will depend heavily on how it is used. A person's vaping style can heavily influence the number of available puffs, as can the age of the disposable vape and how long it has been since the device was last used. A 1.3mg disposable vape pen will last approximately 300 ‘normally’ sized puffs on average.  There are larger disposable vape pens available for purchase when required.

Pros - Small pocket-sized device, everything is ready to use straight away, no maintenance is required, easy to use, is great for trying to quit smoking (due to its small size, modifiable available nicotine levels of the e-liquids, and cigarette shape and feel)

Cons - Not for long term vape users, cannot modify e-liquid flavoring, cannot lengthen battery power or increase device longevity, cannot recharge and reuse device, cannot modify any settings


Rechargeable Battery-Powered Vaporizing Pens

There is a wide range of available battery-powered vape pens, each with different aesthetics, settings, power, and storage. Rechargeable vape pens can now be small, pocket-sized devices and highly efficient. Some combinations of herbs, flavoring, and chemicals require a different vaporizing temperature; hence many new models allow power modification. The correct amount of power is necessary for the atomizer to heat the e-liquid to the correct temperature without burning off any of the required chemicals. Many vape pens also contain LED lights and displays to show the current output of power, allowing the user to modify the power and heating settings as needed. Alterations can also often be made to the device's voltage, which is uniquely adjusted to improve an individual’s vaping experience.

How long does a vape pen battery last? As there is a wide range of devices available, battery power can vary hugely between different models. The battery is responsible for heating the atomizer, and its lifespan can be heavily influenced by how a person vapes, the usage of the vaporizing pen, the combination of battery and cartridge, and the age of the battery itself. Older batteries tend to lose charge faster than newer batteries and require recharging more frequently. On average, vape batteries tend to last a minimum of 8 hours when new, which can be increased if purchasing a more specialized and powerful vape pen. Most pens use a 510-thread battery and cartridge, which simply refers to ten 5mm threads that are present inside the device. Most 510-threaded cartridges and batteries are compatible, interchangeable, and can be used with a range of different devices. This makes battery-powered vape pens extremely versatile and modifiable for a unique vaping experience.

Pros: Variety of settings to optimize a unique vaping experience, can recharge without disposing of the device, cheaper e-liquid refills are available, users can purchase a shape and size optimal for themselves  Cons: Must be recharged for use, for optimal use users must confirm they have the correct pen and e-liquid combination which can be confusing, settings can be fiddly, it can take a long time to find the optimal vaping combination


Vaporizing Cartridges

When choosing a cartridge, it is important to understand that not all vape pens work with all types of cartridges. While many 510-thread cartridges work with the 510-thread battery, choosing the wrong cartridge can cause poor tasting vapors, wasteful consumption, health risks, and an overall suboptimal vaping experience. When choosing a cartridge, a wide variety of styles, features, materials, quality and important specs need to be considered. The mouthpiece, atomizer, and e-liquid chamber are all included in the cartridge, which is usually a 510-thread or pod cartridge. The main difference with a pod cartridge is that it is held in place magnetically (so doesn’t screw on like the 510-thread) and is inserted directly into the battery's connection port. They are usually more box-shaped than the cylindrical 510-thread cartridge and require a different battery and vape pen than the more standard 510-thread design.

How long does a 500mg vape pen last? 500mg Vs 1,000mg cartridge? E-liquid cartridges tend to come in two sizes. While other sized cartridges can be made for modified devices, most vape pens use either a 500mg cartridge or 1,000mg cartridge. While some devices are size-specific, many are adjustable and can cater to both sizes. The main difference is that a 500mg cartridge will generally last approximately 150 puffs, whereas the 1,000mg cartridge will last double that (300puffs approximately). This amount will differ depending on the e-liquid and vape pen efficiency, and the larger cartridge makes for a larger vape pen. The price is not always reflected in the size difference and may also influence a person’s choice. The trade-off between size, cost, and vaping duration is dependent on the user and their personal requirements.

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