Crystalized cbd vape cartridges

Crystallization is usually caused from high purity levels. If you have found that your CBD oil vapes have crystallized it’s due to purity and high concentration. CBD vape carts that have crystallized are not defective. 

Why Does Highly Concentrated CBD Oil Crystallize?

What you're seeing is normal and usually only happens when the oil is exposed to colder temperatures. When our cartridges are made they are non crystalized while warm going into the cartridges. During transportation the vape is open to temperature changes that will crystallize.

How to fix this crystallization problem? It’s easy!

Put your vape cartridges in a container or any other waterproof bag. Remove as much air as possible for proper results.  Run the sealed container or bag under hot water for about five minutes to dissolve CBD crystals and turn them back into a liquid oil. 

 Let the cartridge cool down before using so you do not burn your lips! If you expose your cbd cartridges to colder temperatures you may have to repeat this process after every exposure.

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